CRISTINA RUSU este un artist (sculptor, pictor) român care își exprimă trăirile, gândurile și viziunea asupra vieții prin lucrările sale unice, cu tehnici diverse și materiale inovatoare.
A absolvit Universitatea de Arte si Design, Sculptura, la Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara , Interior Design in San Francisco, Abstract Art Painting “ The Art student League of New York”.
Cristina Rusu are misiunea personală de a crea prin lucrările sale locul de convergență dintre lumină și întuneric, dintre realitate și spiritualitate, dintre real și ireal. Operele ei sunt o invitație în lumea sa, cea în care poți fi oricine vrei tu să fii.
Într-o lume în care totul se derulează rapid și superficial, Cristina Rusu te încurajează prin arta sa să te oprești din tumult, să te privești în oglindă și să îți pui întrebările esențiale: CINE EȘTI CÂND NU TE PRIVEȘTE NIMENI?
A călătorit in jurul lumii pentru a-si caută propria identitate care a dus la propriul “Tărâm făgăduit”, un loc in care a descoperit libertatea de a fi in totalitate ea însăși si pasiunea de a exprima viața, complexitatea acesteia, frumusețea si durerea in toate aspectele ei.
Cristina Rusu schimba constant muzele, stilul si materialele cu care lucrează pentru ca viața este intr-o continua mișcare iar ea se mișcă odată cu ea
pentru a o imortaliza in toate ipostazele.


CRISTINA RUSU is a Romanian artist (sculptor, painter) who expresses her feelings, thoughts and vision of life through her unique works, with various techniques and materials.

She graduated from University of Arts and Design, Sculpture, at the Western University of Timișoara, Interior Design in San Francisco, Abstract Art Painting "The Art student League of New York".

Cristina Rusu’s works are the place of convergence between light and dark, reality and spirituality, between real and unreal. Her works are an invitation into her world, where you can be whoever you want to be.

In a world where everything happens quickly and superficially, Cristina Rusu encourages you to stop, look in the mirror and ask yourself the questions: WHO ARE YOU WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING AT YOU?

She traveled around the world in search of her own identity which led to her own "Promised Land", a place where she discovered the freedom to be fully herself and the passion to express life, its complexity, beauty and pain in all its aspects.

Cristina Rusu constantly changes the muses, the style and the materials she works with because life is in continuous motion and she moves with it to immortalize her in all states.



a few words…

My initial encounter with Cristina Rusu and her paintings surprised me and engaged my interest. Her Intensity, curiosity, willingness to experiment, and her bold, creative relationship with color, line and brushstrokes was apparent.

I have observed her growth as an artist during these past few years… One of the most surprising aspects of Cristina’s work is her intense and prolific passion for change that visually comes across in each of her various themes expressed in her art.

In an age in which anything can be called art Cristina takes a strong, consistent and clear position regarding the viability and importance of painting and sculpture as an expressive vehicle for a wide range of contemporary thoughts and feelings and creative directions.

Her works seem to digest and re interpret her varied themes from beginning to end using line, surface, color and scale with resonance and intensity usually on the edge between imagery and abstraction.

The viewer should keep in mind Cristina Rusu’s strong, and prolific  passion to express life; it’s complexity; beauty and pain in all aspects possible. 

Ronnie Landfield, New York, January, 2020